Whilst there are many worthy causes. For you it might be children charities, pets, foreign aid, disease, religious, cancer etc.  

These Are Mine...


The  Overlooked Scandal

UK Suicides

I distinctly remember driving along once to a business meeting when on the radio was an interview with a young man whose father had committed suicide. At the time I thought "Oh dear...." & it reminded me of this blight that has touched my family (Uncle) and two good friends of mine, both males in mid life.

But it was later in the interview that I was astonished to hear that more middle aged males commit suicide in the UK, than all of the traffic accidents for everyone (Male, female & children)put together!

Later I verified the figures & was astonished to see that it was true!

There are two principal questions for me


How can it be that in a modern society so many middle aged males get themselves into such a mind-set & emotional position that they think this is the only, or best, way out? When in reality they need some moral support, practical support & a "Bridge / Guiding Hand" from the temporary mental hell they find themselves.

The vast majority of these people haven't committed some hyenas crime. They are honest, hardworking, reliable individuals who for various reasons find themselves thinking that the best option is to depart our world leaving a trail of heartache & scared individuals from their family & friends. Usually it's done with a mind-set of quiet desperation & male pride, with their loved ones not even being aware of how broken the individual is feeling.

Often these middle aged males are in their prime of life with a wealth of knowledge, experience, energy & true value to add back into society, they just need a Guardian Angle to guide them back from the "dark place"


Why doesn't our society ever talk about this modern day affliction & scandal?

By comparison we are overwhelmed with safety information about driving, speed, crossing roads, speeding cameras, yet the deaths from ALL RTA (Road Traffic Accidents) is less than the deaths of just middle aged males committing suicide! Our media, politicians & governing bodies just turn a blind eye to this modern day scourge of our society.


UK Homeless

To see genuine homeless (not the fake scroungers claiming to be homeless) people in the UK is deplorable. Whilst I believe that everyone should support themselves & their family, the reality is that sometimes lifes events puts people in situations that they find themselves unable to cope with & they quickly find themselves out on the streets with nowhere to go.

I do understand that some people are their own worst enemy and don't want to be helped either because they have become so accustomed to rough living or they have a "victim" mind set which has become part of their identity.But what I find heart breaking is the genuine individual who desperately wants to get back to "normality" & have a roof over their head plus some moral & practical support in getting their life back together again. I believe these are the individuals that should be offered support.

A large percentage of homeless are Ex-Service. These are the guys who have invariably gone straight from school & signed up for long service periods where everything is organised for them, they are semi institutionalised. When they then leave the support structures that they have always been used to the transition into "normal" society can be too much & they sadly fall by the way side. However they can recover, get back on their feet & become contributors to our society again. They just need moral & practical help.