Welcome To My Personal Mini Gallery

I have two boys (aged 16 & 19 at the time of writing in 2016).

I live at the University town of Loughborough in the East Midlands near Nottingham.

I enjoy a happy active lifestyle & believe in always having a Positive Outlook, Eating Healthily & Regular Physical Exercise. 

I'm a regular Swimmer, Runner, Gym, Cyclist, Walker & Latin Dancer (Salsa, Bachata).

I've climbed the Three UK Peaks, Northern Ireland Peak & Mount Olympus (Greece)​ & cycled across the UK "Coast to Coast" with my son 2015.

I've ridden motorbikes all my life & love touring around Europe & the UK.

I used to race competitively on bikes (bicycles) in the UK & Eaurope. I've ​also toured a lot of France, Belgium, Spain & Pyrenees on bikes

Aaron James Pearce

Aaron - My Son

Aaron James Pearce
Aaron Pearce & Kitty

Aaron & Kitty his Girlfiend

Bradley Pearce
Bradley Mark Pearce

Bradley - My Son

Friends Birthday

Stephen Pearce Concert

Italy Sorrento

Guest Speaker at Black Tie Event

Guest Speaker - Selfie On Stage


Climbing Mount Olympus - Greece

10,000 Feet​


2009 Three Peaks

Climbed The Three UK Peaks with Dad (Ron) & Sons Aaron & Bradley​

www.stephen-pearce.com scafell three peaks

Greece Kala Nero


UK Coast 2 Coast Ride 2015